Amaten will lead the application of blockchain technology to the gift card industry and develop a self-sustaining blockchain based ecosystem for tokenized gift cards. Amaten is committed to providing liquidity to this traditionally illiquid market. Amaten has since then generated incredible results with an exceptionally great service for all participants in the Japanese gift card market Japan’s first gift card marketplace of Japan -Transaction growth on average of 20% per year -Reached one million Transactions in 2018 -Fast growing company with revenues multiplying 8 fold over the past 5 years from 2013-2017 -240 000 active users -40% of secondary market share.

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Monday is historically a good day to buy Amaten.
Sunday is a good day to sell Amaten.

🐂 8.6358% avg. on Sunday

🐻 -1.6062% avg. on Monday

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Day 30 of the month is historically a good day to buy Amaten.
Day 22 of the month is a good day to sell Amaten.

🐂 16.6618% avg. on day 22

🐻 -8.0057% avg. on day 30

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