BitSong is a distributed (open source) blockchain music ecosystem born in December 2017, to create a decentralized and trustless hub that interconnects the various market players. Our mission is to decentralize the music sector by simplifying the bureaucracy as much as possible in order to offer artists a meritocratic, transparent, fast and intermediary-free earning model and users a new way to listen to music and earn money. BitSong is not a streaming platform but a real decentralized ecosystem of services and an active community of artists, music providers and fans (listeners) that aims to become the only point of reference within the digital music market. .

Best Day of the Week

Wednesday is historically a good day to buy BitSong.
Friday is a good day to sell BitSong.

🐂 5.1954% avg. on Friday

🐻 -0.0625% avg. on Wednesday

Best Day of the Month

Day 19 of the month is historically a good day to buy BitSong.
Day 9 of the month is a good day to sell BitSong.

🐂 26.5971% avg. on day 9

🐻 -7.4487% avg. on day 19

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