BOLT Global is a blockchain-based media and fin-tech ecosystem consisting of: BOLT+ (a live streaming service which hosts TV networks, streamers and creators) BOLT X (crypto wallet and DeFi services) BOLT XChange (cross-chain liquidity protocol) The BOLT Token (our utility token which powers the BOLT Global ecosystem) Learn more: Through engagement programmes powered by decentralised finance and financial rewards, the BOLT ecosystem makes it easier than ever before for users, creators and brands alike to create and grow value on the new web. Our partnerships with leading telco networks (such as Telenor and MTN Group) allow for mobile-native users across the globe to stream and transact on the go.

Best Day of the Week

Tuesday is historically a good day to buy Bolt.
Sunday is a good day to sell Bolt.

πŸ‚ 1.7179% avg. on Sunday

🐻 -0.6228% avg. on Tuesday

Best Day of the Month

Day 18 of the month is historically a good day to buy Bolt.
Day 16 of the month is a good day to sell Bolt.

πŸ‚ 4.2835% avg. on day 16

🐻 -3.2336% avg. on day 18

Best Day by Month

Heatmap of Average Returns (%) of Bolt

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