Charity Alfa

What’s special about Charity Alfa and a Charity Market? The Double Donation The donor can create a double donation using the system tokens Charity as an investment The donor also becomes an investor and get an investment tool in return for the charity that can be sold again Donation, trading is done by charity purposes The Charity Market is a brand new innovation that really adds market value to your donations Charity and other organizations’ primary marketing platform for the Charity Alpha’s token for the Cryptogcoin This marketing method basically ensures reliability and transparency, represented by the entire Charity Alpha The interface of traders and speculators, too The Charity Market is a trading platform where investors and speculators can trade with futures, but real speculation must always be accompanied by real donation The aim of Cryptogcoin is to provide a charity system to the world, which is based on the modern tehcnology called blockchain, and connect the needy with donators and investors..

Best Day of the Week

Tuesday is historically a good day to buy Charity Alfa.
Friday is a good day to sell Charity Alfa.

🐂 6.4133% avg. on Friday

🐻 -3.5211% avg. on Tuesday

Best Day of the Month

Day 11 of the month is historically a good day to buy Charity Alfa.
Day 10 of the month is a good day to sell Charity Alfa.

🐂 17.8717% avg. on day 10

🐻 -9.3088% avg. on day 11

Best Day by Month

Heatmap of Average Returns (%) of Charity Alfa

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