EazyPayZa is a cryptocurrency created to simplify your digital payment solutions by using mobile phone technology. Its based on proof of stake and secure masternode technology. With a mobile application that integrates the best of both worlds, fiat and crypto, via QR code scanning, you can easily pay for day to day purchases and expenses. By integrating with current fiat based mobile payment solutions, EazyPayZa aims to provide the current missing link between fiat users and crypto users. EazyPayZa is a South African based team, which is driven to educate and encourage the general public to use the wonderful world of crypto currencies.

Best Day of the Week

Sunday is historically a good day to buy EazyPayZa.
Monday is a good day to sell EazyPayZa.

🐂 7.9642% avg. on Monday

🐻 -0.025% avg. on Sunday

Best Day of the Month

Day 16 of the month is historically a good day to buy EazyPayZa.
Day 25 of the month is a good day to sell EazyPayZa.

🐂 21.2627% avg. on day 25

🐻 -9.2235% avg. on day 16

Best Day by Month

Heatmap of Average Returns (%) of EazyPayZa

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